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The Proven Solution To Overcome Piriformis Syndrome
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    This professional video features over 60 minutes of step by step instruction to help you on your way. Featuring actual No Regrets rehabilitation clients, it will show you what is possible with the help of this comprehensive and easy to follow program.


    Program covers the major factors in overcoming debilitating pirformis pain.


    Packed with helpful, proven information based of years of research and practical application. This is the REAL deal, tested and proven to work exceptionally well.


    The perfect manual to accompany your program, this e-book contains simple and straightforward assessments that you can perform safely at home (and without the need for expensive gym equipment).


    Fast track your recovery from Piriformis Syndrome with extra health tips and tricks including nutrition information.


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A Word From The Trainer

“The response to our initial Piriformis Syndrome (see right) on YouTube has been overwhelming. It is for this reason that we have gone one step further and produced a comprehensive video which delves deeper into this common issue. You will overcome pain
you never thought possible.”
Nick Jack
No Regrets
Personal Training

Simple and Straightforward

This program is simple and straightforward - just the way it should be! The comprehensive video contains assessments that you can perform safely at home (and without the need for expensive and bulky gym equipment.) The book is complete with easy to follow images to help you implement each of the changes with ease.
A Program Based On Facts

This program is packed with helpful, proven information based off years of research and practical application. This is NOT theory about what 'should' work. This is the real deal, tested and proven to work exceptionally well. We have been in the fitness and rehabilitation business of over 10 years, helping over 1,500 people achieve their health and fitness goals. We want to make YOU our next success story.

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Hello! I just wanted to let everyone reading this that I feel much much much better! The pain is almost all gone. I am back to my normal life. I think the secret has been stretching and strengthening. As soon as I started those exercises I started to feel a little better and now if I stop doing them for a couple of days the pain comes back slowly... Now I stretch everyday and do 15 clams + 15 Legs up 45 degrees to keep the butt strong! Good luck everyone."

Brian Mok - YouTube viewer
'How To Get Rid Of Piriformis Syndrome' Quick Start Kit contains everything you could want to know about creating a life free of pain, from rehabilitation to discovering the REAL source of the problem.

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How We Have Helped Others... Just Like You!
BUT FIRST... Check out these amazing testimonials from others who have been exactly where you are. They followed the program outlined in our viral Piriformis YouTube video and have seen RESULTS!

Our YouTube video only goes for approximately 15 minutes because we simply couldn't cram all of our information and knowledge into such a short clip. That's why we've designed this feature length video (and comprehensive e-book) to help you on your way in no time. If this is the result our viewers had by watching only 15 minutes of footage, imagine what you could do with the full length video AND e-book!

WoW, best yet I've seen of exercises and strengthening! Thank You!!."

Lloyd Edmonds - YouTube viewer
I am so glad I found this! This is the most cohesive set of instructions anywhere!"

Cheyenne Campbell - YouTube viewer
* You suffer from numbness or sharpness down your legs
* You find it uncomfortable to sit for prolonged periods of time
* Simple tasks such as walking down stairs have become difficult
* You have given up or avoid enjoyable activities such as running due to the pain
* You are sick and tired of constant medical appointments in an attempt to ease the discomfort, only for it to come back with a vengeance
* You want to avoid injections at all costs, but you've had enough and need a solution
Want More Information?

Make sure you check out the Piriformis Syndrome article on our website. It's packed full of helpful information, photos and videos to help you on your way to a pain free life. Click here to view now.